How To Save The World With One Small Change


Did you know that you can save the world with one small change?

We all want to save the world, but sometimes it feels like our individual efforts won’t make a difference. But what if we all made small changes in our lives that added up to a big impact?

I’m Ellen

I’m a mum and wife with the “normal” suburban life of school runs, bills, grocery shopping, etc, and I also save money, am healthier and am saving the planet, just by starting with one small change. I have an Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Swinburne TAFE) and a Diploma in Sustainable Living (University of Tasmania) and I am passionate about helping others to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.

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“But what can I do about it?”


I’m only one person, can I really make any difference to the world?
I don’t like worms and I don’t want rotting food in my house or yard.
I can’t afford solar panels.
I’m renting and I can’t get permission from my landlord.
I’m in an apartment and don’t have a garden. 

If you nodded your head or said yes to any of these, I can help.


I want to show you that it IS possible to achieve your sustainability goals and that it can be simple and inexpensive.

It just takes one step, one small change.

I believe that if everyone made just one small change, we could make a big impact on the environment and change our lives, our families lives and our world.

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Let me help you to make One Small Change.

How I can work with you 

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Want to do a hands on workshop to learn or improve sustainability skills?

Attend face to face or join from anywhere in the world to get hands on instruction, support and advice.

at home assessment

In home assessment

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Let me come to you, in person or virtually (location dependant) to help you with a plan of actionable steps to help you become more sustainable.

Sustainable Buying Tours

Sustainable Buying Tours - Coming in 2023

No garden or time to grow your own?

Come on a shopping tour with a difference. Meet the farmers growing your food, hear their stories and buy directly from them.

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Courses Coming Soon

Choose your own time and your own pace to learn about a topic of your interest.

Choose to upgrade to a membership and have access to all courses and resources.



This journey is not for those who don’t care about or don’t want to:

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Live a healthier life

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Save money
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Reduce toxic chemicals in the home
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Help the local economy

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Have a future for generations to come
Making small changes in our lives is an easy way to help save the planet. It’s something we can all do, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or money.

So why not start today?

How would you like to take action?

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At Home

Book a time with me to run through a basic assessment of your home and provide you with actionable steps to become more sustainable.

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Attend a fun and engaging, virtual or face to face learning session to increase your sustainability skills.

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Sustainable Buying Tours

Coming in 2023

Join me as I introduce you to some amazing local farmers where you can form a relationship and buy directly from them.

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Courses - Coming Soon

Get comfortable and learn sustainable skills online, in your own time, with support and encouragement from me and the community of members.



Follow me in my journey and as I interview others to get tips, resources and inspiration to help you on your sustainability journey.

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