Egg Shells

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Chickens, Compost, Recycle, Worms

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I love my chickens, love my eggs. I like them fried, scrambled, poached and boiled. I like using them in egg sandwiches, for deviled eggs, in salads, in cakes, pancakes…. You get the idea.

What do I do with all of my eggshells? I definitely don’t put them in the bin. My girls worked hard to produce them so I want to make the most of them. I crush some of them and scatter on the ground with food scraps so the girls are getting some calcium back in and it also provides material for their crops to help grind their food as they consume it.

I also like to put them in my compost or worm farm. I have crushed the shells by hand in the past before getting my Thermomix. I always find pieces left months down the track when I’ve gone to use the compost in my garden. I popped some into the Thermomix and blitzed them at speed 8 for 5 seconds and ended up with fine ground particles. Wow, so much quicker and less harsh on the hands!

I now use them like this to sprinkle into the worm farm or compost. My next project is to turn some of the ground egg shell into home made “chalk”. I’ll post my results later.