Canning Fail of the Day

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Food Preserving

I love preserving food for when times get hectic and I can grab “convenience” food off my pantry shelf, knowing exactly what’s in it and more importantly, what’s NOT in it. I have a dehydrator, vacuum sealer, pressure canner and now my Thermomix to help with preparing food and pantry basics in advance to have on hand when I want them. It also give you a sense of pride and security when you look at your pantry shelves full of wholesome food that YOU prepared.


Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. I chose to laugh about this one but there have been some I’ve cried about. I was canning ground beef and when I opened the lid after the appropriate time and the pressure had gone back down was confronted with this.2 lids had completely blown off. I had followed the same procedure I always use so I’m not sure what happened. I double check all of my lids and how loose or tight they are now, just in case that was the cause. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason. I decided to make spaghetti with the 2 open jars and the other 3 went on the pantry shelf. I had a giggle and said a silent thanks to the powers that be that it wasn’t worse and I was able to salvage the food I had spend money and time on.